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    Discover meaningful education jobs:
    Recruiting & Hiring

    Address your vacancy crisis head-on.

    With more teachers seeking alternate employment, and fewer teachers entering the profession, your access to quality substitute teachers is more critical than ever. With Kelly Education, you benefit from our recruiting power and our commitment to improving fill rates. We have a local presence in your communities and have a vested interest in the success of your students.


    Support for teaching
    and learning.

    Just like you, our main priority is ensuring that students thrive. And one of the most important factors in a student’s education is maintaining a consistent, productive learning environment. The average student spends more than a year of their academic career with a substitute teacher before they graduate. Make that time count with high-quality Kelly Education substitute teachers who are fully vetted and trained in teaching and learning best practices.


    Alleviate your stress and reduce cost.

    When we manage your substitute teacher workforce, your educators can stay focused on what you hired them to do––educate our youth. We take care of recruiting, scheduling, payroll, compliance, workers’ compensation, and much more. 


    We provide continuity when your teachers are absent.

    Attracting Talent

    We recruit from your community, using multi-channel campaigns, grassroots initiatives, and more.

    Our recruiting process
    Screening &

    We proudly offer the most stringent hiring process in the industry.

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    Payroll and Benefits

    We handle payroll processing and benefits administration to save you time and money.

    Reduce costs
    Absence Management

    We have a 100% success rate in improving substitute teacher fill rates.

    How we do it
    Employee Retention

    Rewards, bonuses, professional development, access to benefits, and more.

    Our approach
    Case Study

    A trusted source for quality substitute teachers

    A partnership with Kelly Education solved the fill rate problem for the New Britain School District, home to 10,000 students.

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    You need the best and brightest.

    We can help solve your most complex talent challenges – both today and in the future – by delivering high–quality talent that moves education forward.

    Contact us at 800.Kelly.01 and one of our agents will administer your request. Or, if you'd prefer, fill out the form to submit an email.

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