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    Performance Management

    Feedback is a crucial component of our program, ensuring that our employees feel empowered to do their best and keep meeting your expectations. Our assessments are unique to the job functions being performed, so they provide the most relevant and actionable direction possible. These evaluations not only help us to coach our employees, but also to reward and recognize those who do an outstanding job.

    Our employees work for us, but with you. Together, we play a collective role in making sure they perform at their best, while feeling valued and supported.

    Unique evaluations for unique roles.

    Teacher Evaluation

    We encourage written and verbal feedback to ensure our employees are effectively following teacher lesson plans and managing your classrooms.

    Competency Assessment

    We collect observational data on paraeducator skill competencies to create a prescriptive training plan and monitor skill development progress.


    We value feedback on the effectiveness of our tutors in carrying out sessions with students and evaluating progress toward reaching your education objectives.

    Putting feedback into action.

    Responding to feedback by taking actionable steps can be more important than the feedback itself. At Kelly Education, we have processes in place to turn feedback into specific opportunities for setting goals and training.

    We reward and recognize employees who are going above and beyond in supporting your students and staff. We’ll also develop an action plan and provide training to address competency gaps and help an employee achieve the desired performance standards. If a situation arises that leads to a concern, Kelly Education has a coaching and counseling process in place and handles all employee relations.

    What’s more, each Kelly employee has a dedicated Talent Care advisor who’s there to provide support and create positive outcomes for both our employees and our customers.

    You need the best and brightest.

    We can help solve your most complex talent challenges – both today and in the future – by delivering high–quality talent that moves education forward.

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