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    Attracting Talent

    Effective teaching and learning doesn’t happen without qualified, caring people working inside and outside of the classroom. Whether you’re looking for high-quality substitute teachers and adjunct professors or reliable custodians or food and nutrition workers, we make it easy to find the right people right when you need them.

    At Kelly Education, we source candidates differently—because people are multi-dimensional. We look beyond traditional demographics to understand what truly inspires and motivates potential employees to work within the education system.

    That means looking for specific characteristics and traits when sourcing and recruiting. We evaluate goals, values, desires, interests, and lifestyle choices to find the exact right fit for your daycare, school, or institution.

    How we find the right people.

    Research & Targeting

    We do our homework. Using our internal talent data alongside labor market trends, we identify where successful candidates spend time and reach them where they are.

    Expansive Reach

    We target using channels that are proven to work in your market—from social media campaigns, to job boards and fairs, to grassroots networks in your community.

    Targeted Messaging

    We know work preferences aren’t one-size-fits-all. We tailor our messaging based on individuals and their specific work needs and motivations.

    The science of recruitment.

    We leverage the most current trends and technologies in data science—along with multi-channel recruitment marketing strategies—to align each candidate’s goals and experience with your unique needs and culture, matching the right person to each placement.

    Our approach is proactive and includes year-round recruitment, so we can ensure we’re able to continually serve your organization with the best educational talent. We also leverage our expertise in alternative talent pools and credentialing methodologies to engage diverse, highly qualified, and culturally aligned candidates that others simply cannot reach.

    Key marketing tactics we leverage:

    • Job boards
    • Grassroots marketing
    • Virtual and in-person job fairs
    • Higher education and community partnerships
    • Paid media
    • Paid and organic social media
    • Search engine optimization and marketing
    • Referral program

    And more!

    You need the best and brightest.

    We can help solve your most complex talent challenges – both today and in the future – by delivering high–quality talent that moves education forward.

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