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    Orientation and Training

    No matter what work you do, being prepared and confident makes all the difference in achieving success. Our comprehensive orientation and training programs ensure our employees are set up to succeed on day one.  After helping candidates secure their certifications, licenses, and screenings, our onboarding specialists continue to guide employees through the next steps.  

    First, they’re required to take one of our vocational training courses: ClassSmarts, ParaSmarts, TutorSmarts, CustodialSmarts, or ChildSmarts. This proprietary training contains role-specific content about classroom management, teaching best practices, cultural and racial bias, bullying, safety protocols, and more. We want our employees to be ready to lead and inspire your students—backed by safety, confidence, and compliance.  

    Next, we provide a paid, structured orientation. This required training covers our company policies and procedures, where employees learn how to get paid, access their perks and benefits, or discover professional development opportunities. Unlike many of our competitors, this session is fully compliant with wage and hour regulations, and we absorb the cost.

    Our employees are ready on day one—and beyond.

    Mandatory Pre-Hire Training

    We require all employees to complete our custom training curriculum and assessments based on their role and state requirements.

    Paid Orientation

    We provide paid orientation designed to give employees the insights, tactics, and skills needed to succeed—such as details about policies and procedures.

    Professional Development

    Our employees have access to thousands of training modules, live webinars, and opportunities to grow their careers.

    Explore our proprietary, research-based training. 

    Our mandatory Smarts™ Training program contains custom content for key positions we serve—covering the insights and skills that educators and staff need to succeed in their work—along with assessments that must be passed. 

    This exclusive training is developed in conjunction with education experts and uses research-based content, including practical experience from former educators and administrators, to help our employees maximize student learning.

    • ClassSmarts for instructional talent  
    • ParaSmarts for talent working with students with special needs and students who are English Language Learners (ELL)
    • ChildSmarts for early childhood educators 
    • TutorSmarts for tutoring talent 
    • CustodialSmarts for sanitation employees 
    • FoodSmarts for food and nutrition employees 
    • DiversitySmarts on equity and inclusion for all employees

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