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    Discover meaningful work as an instructor.

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    Recruiting & Hiring

    Connecting you to expert faculty from around the globe.

    Students expect to be taught by people with real world expertise in their fields—and we have them all over the world. From computer science and engineering to nursing and business, bring our talent pool of professionals across myriad disciplines to your college or university.

    HR administration

    Helping to mitigate compliance risks.

    Hiring the best people to teach your students means potentially looking beyond your institutions town—and even state. By becoming the employer of record for adjunct faculty, we help institutions stay compliant with all the complicated laws that differ across jurisdictions.


    Managing remote faculty just got easier.

    From recruiting and hiring to payroll and professional development—there’s a lot to consider when it comes to managing adjunct faculty. We reduce administrative burdens while providing colleges and universities with qualified experts in their fields. 


    Elevate your approach to adjunct faculty hiring.

    Attracting Talent

    We recruit from adjunct faculty using multi-channel campaigns, corporate partnerships, referral programs, and more.

    Our recruiting process

    Screening and Accreditation

    We know that safety is top of mind for every administrator—so we offer the most stringent hiring process in the industry.

    Vetting adjunct faculty

    Payroll Administration

    We handle every aspect of the payroll administration process, so you can concentrate on what matters most.

    How we do it

    Employee Benefits

    Our benefits and perks keep faculty engaged, happy, and dedicated to the valuable work they do every day.

    About our benefits

    Cost Savings

    We alleviate administrative burdens and costs related to hiring and managing a successful adjunct workforce.

    Save time and money

    Unleashing the power of virtual adjunct faculty.

    You want the best faculty who can also impart their real-world wisdom to students. Hiring adjunct instructors who are experts in their fields of study is easier with the rise of remote learning—but it's not without risk. 


    You need the best and brightest.

    We can help solve your most complex talent challenges – both today and in the future – by delivering high–quality talent that moves education forward.

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