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    Managed Paraeducator Program

    Managed Paraeducator Program

    We get it. We understand the unique challenges districts face when finding trusted talent to support students with disabilities. That's why the Kelly Education® Managed Paraeducator Program (MPP) was uniquely designed to provide your district with qualified, consistent paraeducators who are held to the highest professional standards.

    Our program is rooted in the 4 C's:

    • Compliance — We help you meet requirements on IEPs, district, state, and federal compliance.
    • Competence — Our program offers standards-based training, coaching, and PD opportunities.
    • Consistency — We provide students with a consistent, dependable paraeducator.
    • Cost Savings — Our program saves districts an average of 10-15% on paraeducator spend.

    Quality Training, Quality Results.

    We know from experience that consistent connections increase positive results in student progress. Our program delivers impactful connections between students and their paraeducators. That's why our customers are happy.

    25 +
    Paraeducator-specific hours of training
    100 %
    District Satisfaction Rate
    98 %
    Paraeducator Position Fulfillment Rate

    Helping special education programs thrive.

    Our Managed Paraeducator Program provides a range of options to suit your needs. Rest assured, no matter what you choose, we take care of recruiting, vetting, onboarding, and paying paraeducators. We also offer top-notch benefits and perks to retain the talented paraeducators who work with your students every day.

    MPP Select

    Everyday paraeducators, not on-call subs.

    • You select which every day paraeducator vacancies to fill.
    • Choose from our menu of specific services.
    • Choose additional training needed for more intensive paraeducator positions.
    • You determine if the positions are 1:1, small group, pull-out classroom, resource room, or inclusion classroom.
    • Pre-Hire ParaSmarts paraeducator training gets them ready for day one.
    • We recruit, vet, onboard, and pay MPP Paraeducators.
    • Eligible for health benefits and 401K plan.
    MPP Comprehensive

    When every detail works, every element thrives.

    • We fill paraeducator vacancies and hire current paraeducator staff.
    • Any paraeducator positions - 1:1, small group, pull-out classroom, resource room, or inclusion classroom.
    • Everyday paraeducators, not on-call subs.
    • Pre-Hire ParaSmarts paraeducator training gets them ready for day one.
    • We recruit, vet, onboard, and pay MPP Paraeducators.
    • Eligible for health benefits and 401K plan.
    • We provide coaching and skills growth individualized for each paraeducator.
    • We provide specific trainings for more intensive paraeducator positions.
    MPP Flex

    The proactive answer to paraeducator absences. 

    Our Managed Paraeducator Program (MPP) can proactively support your district every day with building MPP FLEX paraeducators who are trained to flex into any support role to fill absences right away.

    • Sub paraeducators are hard to find. MPP FLEX won’t leave students unsupported and schools out of compliance.
    • We provide paraeducators who you can depend on every day to fill building absences and who are familiar with your students, your school, and your teachers.
    • We provide recruiting, onboarding, payroll, benefits, on-site evaluation, and development of consistent support staff while saving you time and money.

    Designed for Special Education-Specific Schools or Districts.

    Special Education-specific schools require a highly specialized workforce and typically operate all year around. Our Managed Paraeducator Program helps schools check all the boxes for operating in compliance so that schools can continue receiving state/federal funding.

    (R) Recruiting and Onboarding.

    • Ongoing R&O supports positions that are historically hard to fill.
    • Finding the right people for the right role - no revolving door for hiring and leaving.

    (I) IEP and IDEA Compliance.

    • All students have IEPs in the school requiring data collection and progress monitoring.
    • Must answer to all sending district or school requirements and follow State and Federal requirements.

    (G) Growth and Retention of Paraeducators.

    • Important relationship building and in-depth understanding of student needs require long-term commitment, growth, and retention of paraeducator staff.
    • Observation and data collection for skills growth.

    (H) Here every day. Not a substitute.

    • Student needs are ongoing and often require intensive support every day.
    • Maintenance of Effort for state compliance.
    • Paraeducators become a trusted member of the team.

    (T) Train right and right away.

    • Schools cannot afford to hire and train later. Paraeducators must have general knowledge on day one.
    • Additional training for crisis intervention and de-escalation methods, diapering and toilet assistance for students with special needs, and intensive 1:1 cognitive behavior structured learning activities.

    Because your students deserve the best paraeducators.

    Pennsylvania district receives additional support to improve services for students with disabilities. This case study showcases how Kelly Education implemented a hands-on approach to train top-notch paraeducators.

    Read Case Study

    You need the best and brightest.

    We can help solve your most complex talent challenges – both today and in the future – by delivering high–quality talent that moves education forward.

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