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    Managed Paraeducator Program

    We get it. There’s so much more you could accomplish if you had more time and resources. That’s where we come in. The Kelly Education Managed Paraeducator Program is designed to support your students with special needs by providing your district with qualified paraeducators who are held to the highest professional standards.

    Through this innovative program, we free up valuable resources by becoming the Employer of Record (EOR) for your full-time paraeducators. As the EOR, we recruit, employ, train, and develop your special needs team. They work under the direction of a special education supervisor, who also mentors and develops their skills.

    One-of-a-kind support for your special education team.

    Consistent and Qualified Paraeducators

    We provide students and classrooms with a consistent paraeducator who you can depend on every day.

    Compliance Requirements

    We are your partner to meet individual student IEP, district, state, and federal compliance requirements. 

    Turnkey Workforce Management

    We provide scheduling, payroll, on-site evaluation, job coaching, and development for your paraeducators.

    Exceptional support for students with special needs.

    Students with special needs require a highly specialized workforce. This unique program was developed with the goal of delivering more impactful connections between students and their paraeducators.  Our dedicated special education specialist supervises and mentors paraeducators to achieve the specific standards set for people working with students with special needs.

    To that end, we created the Kelly Paraeducator Competency Standards to guide paraeducator performance and expectations, and the Kelly Paraeducator Competency Assessment—a tool to evaluate the performance of these skills in real-time and provide constructive feedback.

    You need the best and brightest.

    We can help solve your most complex talent challenges – both today and in the future – by delivering high–quality talent that moves education forward.

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