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    Tutoring Solutions

    Do you need in-person tutors to implement your targeted summer programming?

    At Kelly Education, we recruit, screen, and hire high-quality tutors to deliver summer academic support in core content areas for your students.

    Whether your goal is academic acceleration, intervention, preparation for the next grade levels, or STEM enrichment, we deliver qualified tutoring staff to support your summer program.

    Choose your focus area(s) for the summer:

    Traditional Summer School

    • In-person academic assistance
    • 1:1 or small group (1:10)
    • All content areas and grade levels using your curriculum/materials
    • Support for specialized student groups

    Bridge/Transition Program

    • In-person preparation for rising elementary, middle, and high school students
    • 1:1 or small group (1:10)
    • All content areas and grade levels using your curriculum/materials

    Credit Attainment and Recovery

    • Just-in-time monitoring and coaching for students as they navigate meeting graduation requirements
    • Additional in-person support for credit recovery
    • 1:1 or small group (1:10)

    STEM Enrichment Camp

    • Summer enrichment using high-quality STEM curriculum from our vetted partner
    • In-person, small group, or whole group (up to 1:20)
    • Full-day or Half day sessions
    • Professional development and training for tutors on the use of STEM activity kits

    We supply consistent tutors and support flexible timeframe options to accommodate your summer school schedule.

    Implementation fee waived for continuing your tutoring program in the fall.

    Why partner with us?

    Kelly Education is the leading provider of education talent for 25+ years. Working together, we can positively impact the motivation, confidence, and academic outcomes of your K-12 students over the summer break.

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