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    Camil Fowler

    Teacher Spotlight
    Polk County Public Schools, Florida
    Haines City High School

    Kelly Education is proud to highlight the work of our talented employees. While Camil Fowler no longer works for us, she shares how her experiences as a substitute teacher prepared her to become a certified teacher.

    Why did you become a substitute teacher with Kelly® Education?

    It was a great experience for someone who didn't really know if I wanted to go into teaching. I was able to get experience on the job to decide if I wanted to go into teaching. I learned a lot of things... had some good days and bad days. But that's with every job!

    I was a substitute teacher for three years and it's been an incredible experience. I love building relationships, getting to know students, and making an impact that lasts.

    I believe teaching runs in my blood. My grandmother was a teacher, my mom and my sister, and now I am a teacher as well! 

    How did the experience help you become a certified teacher?

    I think my experience working with Kelly Education definitely prepared me to be a  full time teacher.

    When you go to college, there are opportunities to do internships and practicums, but because I wasn't an education major, I wasn't able to get that kind of experience. I got to learn on the job firsthand... and work with more experienced teachers with co-planning, being a long-term sub, or just a daily sub. I got the most experience possible and that has prepared me in the long run.

    Kelly Education provided me with flexibility. I was able to pursue my bachelor's degree, (then) I was able to take all of the steps necessary toward certification.

    > Watch this video to learn more about Camil.


    What advice do you have for new substitute teachers?

    Take it day by day. The best part about this job is flexibility. Learn what works for you. So, maybe you like high school, elementary, or middle—but you get to decide that on da day to day basis. Give it a try, then stick with it to see what works. 


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