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    Bonnie Weeks

    2023 Substitute Educator of the Year:
    Early Childhood
    Central Valley School District

    To honor the important work of our employees, we recognize outstanding substitute teachers, paraeducators, and support staff through our annual Substitute Educator of the Year program. Bonnie Weeks, a substitute teacher for the Great Valley School District in Pennsylvania, is the winner of our 2023 Substitute Educator of the Year award in the early childhood category. 

    In this Q&A, Bonnie shares why she became an early childhood educator and her advice for new teachers.

    Why did you want to become a substitute educator? 

    I was a full-time 2nd grade teacher after I graduated from college. After teaching for several years, I chose to stay at home while raising my children. Later, I also took care of my parents during the health challenges of their senior years. Throughout this time, I never lost my passion for teaching. I started substitute teaching after my parents passed away as it gave me the most direct opportunity to return to the classroom.

    What do you like most about being a substitute teacher?

    I enjoy the relationships that I have with the students, administration and teachers of Center Grange Elementary School. The best part of each day is being a positive influence in the lives of the students. When I am able to help a student, particularly one who struggles, to learn and understand a concept, it brings me great satisfaction as it helps to build their self-esteem. I like that as a substitute, I have the opportunity to interact with all of the children of the school.

    What is the benefit of being a Kelly Education substitute teacher?

    Before I became a building substitute, I enjoyed the flexibility of being able to choose my own schedule and Kelly Education allowed me to see the various jobs that matched with my schedule. Kelly is also great at informing, and even contacting, its employees about the various long-term opportunities that are available.

    What advice would you give to new substitute teachers?

    Be flexible and do everything you can to be an asset to the school. Show kindness to every student, as your interaction with them might be the most positive experience of their day.

    Watch this video to learn more about Bonnie.

    Do you have a memorable moment from your work in a school?

    One day, a parent-teacher conference was being conducted in a class and grade that I had not worked in that year. While it was occurring, the mother asked to see me, which caused me to wonder what I could have done. The mother only wanted to meet me and thank me for the love that I had shown to her daughter the previous year and to tell me how much I meant to her daughter. I came to realize that even though I had limited contact with the student as a substitute teacher, I could have a significant impact by taking an interest in her and treating her with kindness.

    Who was an influential teacher or educator in your life?

    My 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Waight, made me feel loved, built my self-esteem and had a positive impact on me in elementary school. Fifty years later, I still remember how good I felt when I was around her.

    What is your mantra?

    In order to really teach a student, show them how much you care.

    What advice do you have for today’s students?

    Always give it your best try and don’t give up on yourself.

    What colleagues say about Bonnie Weeks.

    “Mrs. Weeks is a real team player and always has the best interests of her students and the school at heart. She is a confident instructor and manages the classroom as if she's been teaching for years. Even at the last minute, she is able to seamlessly take over my lessons with the skill of a veteran. Her caring heart makes her a favorite and students feel safe to share ideas and concerns with her."

    – Jennifer Litzinger, M.Ed., Teacher - Center Grange Primary School

    “Bonnie has been very flexible in learning to use technology, using platforms throughout the pandemic. She successfully provided synchronous learning to students at home while still addressing the needs of our in-person classes. When asked to handle non-teaching duties, such as breakfast duty, parent drop off, and bus arrival duty, Bonnie has adapted to each and every task that was asked of her and performed in a professional and positive manner.”

    –  Carla Kosanovich, Principal - Center Grange Primary School

    Congratulations, Mrs. Weeks!

    “Bonnie is a true representative of the high-quality educators Kelly Education provides to its partner schools each day,” said Nicola Soares, president of Kelly Education. “She is dedicated to treating the students and staff she serves with the utmost dignity and care. We are proud to recognize her commitment with this honor.” 

    As one of four national winners, Bonnie will receive an award certificate, a $5,000 bonus from Kelly Education, as well as $1,500 donated on her behalf to Central Grange Primary School. 


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