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    Nominate an outstanding substitute educator.

    Substitute Educator of the Year Awards

    We're excited to announce that our 2023 Substitute Educator of the Year award program is open for nominations until March 27, 2023!

    Four winners will receive a $5,000 bonus, plus an additional $1,500 to donate to the school of their choice within the school district or center they are servicing. Winner selection for this prestigious award is based on a combination of demonstrated performance and recommendations from school faculty.

    All Kelly Education and Teachers On Call employees who work in an instructional or support staff role, and are in good standing, are eligible. Principals, teachers and other school staff can nominate outstanding Kelly Education and Teachers On Call employees. See contest rules

    Award categories

    Substitute teacher

    Two winners are selected in the Substitute Teacher category: one for K-12, and one for PreK/Early Childhood. Substitute teacher includes anyone working in a daily, long-term or building substitute teacher capacity.

    Substitute paraeducator

    One winner is selected in the Substitute Paraeducator category for PreK-12 or Early Childhood. Paraeducator includes anyone who works alongside, and under the direction of, a certified teacher or school professional.

    Substitute support staff

    One winner is selected in the Substitute Support Staff category for K-12. Support staff includes anyone working in a non-instructional role in the school such as food service, custodial, front office, health services, etc.

    Frequently asked questions

    Who is eligible for an award?

    All Kelly Education and Teachers On Call substitute employees who work in an instructional role (such as teacher, paraeducator, classroom aide), or a non-instructional support staff role (such as food service, custodial, school nurse, office), are eligible. Employee must be in good standing. See Contest Rules.

    Can I submit more than one nomination?

    You may nominate as many deserving substitute educators as you would like. However, please do not submit multiple nominations for the same person.  Multiple submissions do not increase chances of winning.

    How can I make my nomination stand out?

    First, make sure you fulfill the minimum requirements for submitting a nomination: provide all required information; include at least two letters of recommendation (on district letterhead, signed with title); and include a brief video (no more than two minutes long).

    Second, make sure your recommendation letters and video clearly articulate how your nominee stands out from other substitute educators you may have had at your school or district. Models of great substitute educators can be very different, but think about providing solid examples for things such as:

    • Going beyond their job responsibilities for the betterment of the school/staff.
    • Putting more time or effort into their job than required.
    • Teacher perspectives related to outcomes of following lessons plans, leaving good notes, and class organization.
    • Student perspectives related to the impact of good classroom management, consistency, calmness and support.

    What are some tips for creating my video?

    Videos will be evaluated based on convincing reasons the nominee deserves to win the Substitute Educator of the Year award. Be sure to introduce yourself as the nominator (name/title/school) for credibility. Keep your points concise so you do not exceed the maximum two minute length.  

    Videos should be simple do-it-yourself-style taken with a cell phone or personal device.  Videos should not be high production, should not contain music or graphics, and should not include students. Video Example

    How do I upload more than two letters of recommendation?

    While only two recommendation letters are required to qualify for nomination, additional recommendation letters will be accepted and reviewed.  You may upload a third (or more) recommendation letters within the form where it says "Upload additional recommendation letters".  It is important to note that you must select all additional files from your computer and upload them at the same time. Otherwise, only your last file chosen will upload.

    Please make sure all letters of recommendation are on school/district letterhead, and include the signature and title of the person submitting the letter.

    I am having technical trouble submitting my nomination. What should I do?

    For questions regarding the nomination process, or if you are having technical issues with submitting your nomination, please email with a detailed explanation of the trouble you are experiencing.  You can expect a reply within 24 hours.  Please do not submit your nomination to this mailbox.  Email submissions will not be considered.  All nominations must be submitted via the form on this page.

    Know an outstanding educator?

    Please submit your nomination via this form.

    Tips for Success

    • Be sure to upload all required information. Incomplete submissions will be eliminated.
    • All nominations must be submitted via the form on this page. Email submissions will not be accepted.
    • Recommendation letters must be on school letterhead, and include the name and title of person writing the letter.
    • Videos should be in a simple do-it-yourself format and only include school faculty participating in the nomination (no students please).  See an example video >  
    • Keep it concise. Videos longer than two minutes will be disqualified.

    Nominate someone by March 27, 2023.