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    Georgia school district and Kelly Education achieve a remarkable 90% coverage for substitute teachers.

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    A decade of success in recruiting and hiring substitute teachers.

    In the heart of Georgia, just west of Atlanta bordering Alabama, lies the Haralson County School District (HCSD). The district, with its 520 dedicated faculty and staff members, offers invaluable education to more than 3,500 students across six schools. 

    For more than a decade, HCSD has enjoyed the benefits of a substitute staffing partnership with Kelly Education®, the nationwide leader of education talent. Prior to this collaboration, the district was under strain, challenged to fill approximately 150 vacancies each week—amounting to 5,000 annually. The task was overwhelming for the small team who were also responsible for recruiting, hiring, developing, and managing the full-time faculty and staff. 

    Brandi Johnson, Chief Administrative Officer at HCSD, recalls the burden of scrambling to find last-minute substitutes, even while attending her son's evening sports events. Teachers and administrators were frequently covering absences, leading to increased burnout. 

    The solution came from the district's superintendent, who proposed a partnership with Kelly Education® after witnessing its success in improving fill rates for neighboring districts and managing the complexities of a constantly rotating substitute teacher pool.  


    District had inadequate resources to foster a substitute teacher pool to cover daily absences.


    Hired Kelly Education to recruit, onboard, transition, develop, and manage substitute educators.


    Our data-driven approach has increased average fill rates to 90+%.

    Leveraging data for continued success. 

    Since 2013, Kelly Education has provided indispensable, transparent data about teacher absenteeism, local labor market and pay rate trends, and talent pool engagement. The team tracks all absences via an online system and applies analytics to identify trends and areas for improvement. The data-driven approach has enabled HCSD to adjust its recruitment strategy, quickly and efficiently filling open positions— even during peak periods. 

    Kelly Education introduced an innovative technology that enabled average fill rates to soar to an impressive 95% for the first three months of the 2023-24 academic year. *Time of publish. 

    Johnson describes the partnership as a responsive, mutually beneficial relationship. "If we face a staffing crunch or other issues, we collaborate to find solutions that meet our needs for that year. This relationship goes beyond mere partnership," she explains.  

    Annually, Johnson meets with the district's CFO to evaluate the possibility of in-housing the work. Yet for ten consecutive years, they've found the value provided by Kelly Education irreplaceable. The administrative burden has been lifted, and substitute employees enjoy perks, benefits, professional development, and bonus opportunities.

    More than a business partnership. 

    The district has been consistently impressed with the quality of substitute educators provided by Kelly Education, attributing it to the focused training and onboarding processes that prepare them well before they step into a classroom. Often, the employees have been offered full-time positions within HCSD. 

    It's not just the professional expertise in managing substitute educators, paraprofessionals, and food service workers that sets Kelly Education apart—it's also their commitment to being part of the community.

    Kelly team members are regular attendees at events such as the Fall Festival and open houses, where they distribute goodie bags to students. In times of crisis, like the sudden loss of a cherished staff member, the district has always been able to rely on Kelly Education to provide the necessary additional support for faculty and staff. 

    They take care of things, so I don't have to stress about it. I know that substitute teachers are taken care of... and I can focus on other important matters."

    -  Brandi Johnson, Chief Administrative Officer | Haralson County School District

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