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    Immeasurable: The powerful ripple effect of quality substitute teachers

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    As we kick off American Education Week, I’d like to spotlight the often-overlooked, immeasurable, and invaluable impact substitute teachers have on our educational institutions and communities. 

    At Kelly Education, we see their impact first-hand every single day as the nation’s largest staffing provider to hundreds of school districts. Every day, our legion of substitute educators delivers an indispensable service that goes beyond a mere "nice to have" resource—their work ensures the ongoing success of our future generations.  

    We believe that a strong education system is the heart and soul of a functioning democracy. And we provide the energy that keeps the system running. The impact of our employees — substitute teachers, paraeducators, therapists, school nurses, custodians, and other non-instructional support roles — goes far beyond simple staffing solutions for absent educators. 

    Ensuring continuity of education. 

    When a teacher or paraeducator is unable to be in the classroom due to illness, personal reasons, family leave, or professional development, the learning process must continue without disruption. Our substitute teachers play a vital role in maintaining that continuity, which is crucial for the academic growth and development of our students.  

    Delivering quality instruction.  

    Our substitute educators are skilled professionals who bring their expertise into the classroom. They not only follow lesson plans but adapt to the needs of the students, providing a high-quality educational experience even in the absence of a regular teacher. We’re so proud that each year thousands of our substitute teachers voluntarily continue to grow their skills through our role targeted professional development. 

    Supporting overburdened educators and administrators. 

    In today's educational landscape, educators face significant challenges. They are always expected to do more with fewer resources, creatively cover classrooms during a teacher shortage, deliver on compliance, and stay a step ahead of school safety concerns. Our service lightens their load by ensuring that they can take time off when needed, helping to prevent burnout and support their well-being.  

    Making an impact on our communities. 

    The success of our students and the strength of our communities are inextricably linked. When students receive a quality education, they are better equipped for future opportunities, which, in turn, strengthens our communities in the long term and contributes to a more prosperous society.  Teacher with student. Caption reads: The Checklist - Expert tips for Evaluating School Staffing Providers

    Offering reliability and peace of mind.  

    Our dependable substitute educators are ready to step in when needed. For example, when one Georgia school lost a beloved staff member, our employees quickly rallied to ensure vital classes were covered during a stressful time. We’re more than just a provider of talent – we're a promise of stability and reassurance in an often-unpredictable educational environment. Our commitment to our customers alleviates concerns about teacher absences, offering peace of mind to school administrators, parents, and students alike. 

    This American Education Week, we salute our substitute educators who serve as teachers, paraeducators, school nurses, tutors, custodians, clerical workers, therapists, and so many other roles that keep our schools operating every single day.   

    At Kelly Education, we’re proud of our collective commitment to supporting schools in their mission to provide seamless and enriching educational experiences. We applaud the critical role that substitute educators play and are dedicated to recruiting, hiring, training, and retaining these invaluable employees.

    In business, we often want to place a quantifiable number related to the value of impact, but we all know that — in this case — it’s immeasurable. 


    About the author:  As president of Kelly Education, Nicola Soares is responsible for setting the division’s strategic direction, driving growth, and managing operations. She led the division’s expansion into the early childhood, special needs, and pediatric therapy markets, making Kelly Education the largest and most trusted education workforce solutions provider in the U.S.


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