5 Strategies for Running an Effective Substitute Teacher Program 

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Filling last-minute absences at 5:30 a.m. is the new normal for today's administrators.

According to the Institute of Education Sciences, 61% of public schools report that it’s much more difficult to find substitute teachers compared to three years ago—and the continued teacher vacancy crisis is only making things worse. This leaves many districts in a state of nonstop recruiting for substitute teachers.

In this webinar:

Kelly Education—the nation’s largest provider of substitute teachers in the United States —will cover five key strategies for running an effective substitute teacher program that keeps classrooms fully staffed and students learning.


Administrators will walk away with a blueprint for success.

Strategy #1

Attracting high-quality substitute teaching talent.

Strategy #2

Screening and hiring procedures that support student safety.

Strategy #3

Effective onboarding practices to ensure substitute teachers are ready on Day 1.

Strategy #4

Keeping your substitute teaching workforce happy, engaged, and working.

Strategy #5

Managing and successfully filling last-minute absences to avoid learning disruption.

Webinar Presenters

Bobby Schorr–1000x1000

Bobby Schorr
Regional Vice President of Partnerships
Kelly Education 

Tina Mosley–1000x1000

Tina Mosley
Senior Director of Recruiting & Onboarding
Kelly Education 


“Finding and managing substitute teachers and paras was very time-consuming for our staff, and especially for our principals. We had staff spending hours every day trying to find substitutes. It was a particularly heavy burden for our principals because the amount of time they were spending finding and managing substitute teachers was taking them away from being instructional leaders in their schools."

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