Addressing your substitute teacher fill rates—once and for all.

In this webinar, we’ll review what it’s like to partner with Kelly Education through the lens of real school district success stories. 

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How does your day start when a teacher calls in sick?

Easy? Or complete chaos?

At Kelly Education, we understand that learning doesn’t happen without qualified, caring people inside the classroom. As the nation’s largest provider of education talent, we help thousands of district and school partners keep their schools safe and in compliance with high-quality substitute teachers who are ready on day one—and beyond. We’re experts at filling absences at 5:30 a.m., no matter how many teachers call in sick.

District’s looking to make dramatic improvements to their substitute teaching program will discover how we: 

Attract, screen, and hire high-quality substitute teaching talent.

Keep your substitute teaching workforce happy, engaged, and working.

Manage and fill last-minute or hard-to-fill absences and vacancies.

Provide leaders with actionable data to address workforce challenges and opportunities.

What is it like to partner with us?

We’ll review what it’s like to partner with Kelly Education through the lens of real customer stories. And we’ll also discuss how we ensure a seamless transition—whether you’re currently managing your program in-house or working with another provider—plus tips and strategies for getting all stakeholders and community members on board and excited.

It’s not too late to explore a partnership for the upcoming school year!


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