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Your guide to sustaining a high-impact tutoring program.  


Transformative change. It's what every district wants to accomplish with its tutoring programs. And the research is clear: high-impact tutoring is the most effective way to help students achieve positive outcomes.

Unfortunately, many districts fall short when implementing this highly effective approach long term. Why?

In this guide, we'll walk district leaders through the common pitfalls of establishing a sustainable program at scale—and strategies and ideas for overcoming them. 

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Common pitfalls when sustaining a high-impact tutoring program

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Challenge #1

Resourcing a program.

A successful tutoring program takes time, money, and people. We'll lay out all the costs and resources leaders need to consider to run an effective program.

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Challenge #2

Recruiting quality tutors.

Well-trained and consistent tutors are the backbone of an effective, high-dosage program. Discover how to attract, screen, and hire quality tutors.

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Challenge #3

Managing it all—at scale.

From instruction to coaching, coordinating a successful program involves many moving parts. Let's explore what it takes and how to juggle it all.

Research shows that at least 40 percent of schools can’t find qualified staff to sustain high-dosage, or even regular, tutoring programs. 

Discover strategies and tools to help you recruit and hire the tutors you need.


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